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The SENIOR experience

At the very end of summer vacation, I woke up in the middle of the night with an amazing idea. (or ridiculous….. TBD). I have a Grow With Me package that highlights a baby’s FIRST year… so why not have a package that highlights your senior’s LAST year!? Yearbook photos, sports, key club, National Honor’s… Read more »

Education, fun toys and photo bombers.

I am an old dog, and I wanted to learn a new trick. I am a hands on learner, so when I heard about an OCF (off camera flash) workshop was coming to Boston, I jumped on it. It also fell on my daughter’s birthday weekend, so I brought her with me. (she has learned… Read more »

It’s Official! Castle Rock is in da house!

I just got off the phone with Castle Rock… they are heading to my studio to set up shop. This will be the second season that they are using my studio as a greenroom… it’s right on Main Street, has a bathroom, a kitchen, and comfy seating. So, you know what that means… Pennywise’s butt… Read more »

My Journey

What am I doing with my life? I have no idea. Where are my pants. HA! That was my test sentence when a dear friend took the time to help me figure out this whole BLOG thing. I’m a disaster when it comes to this kinda stuff… I am entering into my 26th year in… Read more »