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Something my Mom didn’t even know….!

Facebook is great for like a million different things… I can share my pets with the world, I can tell ya’ll what I’m cooking for dinner, I can brag on my kids, I can share my potty humor memes… but the one thing that completely SUCKS is how they treat small business owners. I can… Read more »

Education, fun toys and photo bombers.

I am an old dog, and I wanted to learn a new trick. I am a hands on learner, so when I heard about an OCF (off camera flash) workshop was coming to Boston, I jumped on it. It also fell on my daughter’s birthday weekend, so I brought her with me. (she has learned… Read more »

School/Sports/Dance… awful pictures make the best memories.

I photographed my daughter’s dance school this past weekend (ages 1-7 this weekend, big kids in June) and I got dozens of compliments. So why am I focusing on the one NOT nice thing someone said and letting it bother me so much? It got me thinking…. In the 70’s and 80’s I was barely… Read more »

Going out of business……?

That’s what I heard the other day from someone on the street when Castle Rock was boarding up my building, getting ready for production next week. They made my studio look abandoned from the outside, but little did they know it helps me out by keeping my shooting area dark on the inside. SCORE! This… Read more »

It’s Official! Castle Rock is in da house!

I just got off the phone with Castle Rock… they are heading to my studio to set up shop. This will be the second season that they are using my studio as a greenroom… it’s right on Main Street, has a bathroom, a kitchen, and comfy seating. So, you know what that means… Pennywise’s butt… Read more »

Easter/Spring Sessions for 2019

It’s SPRING! My third favorite season is finally upon us! I was very excited this year to have four families join us as ‘returning clients’ from our Holiday Magic Sessions last December! (Actually, most of these kids I knew when they were in their mama’s bellies!) One of my favorite things of all time is… Read more »

My Journey

What am I doing with my life? I have no idea. Where are my pants. HA! That was my test sentence when a dear friend took the time to help me figure out this whole BLOG thing. I’m a disaster when it comes to this kinda stuff… I am entering into my 26th year in… Read more »