What the eff is the Curly Girl Method?

Honestly, I am still figuring this out! But after watching about a million tutorials on YouTube, I think I am getting the hang of my unruly hair!

For the last 46 years I always thought my hair was coarse, frizzy and had a mind of it’s own. Which is why you see me in a pony-tail 99% of the time. And when NOT in a pony-tail, it would take me forever to blow dry it, which made it even MORE frizzy and out of control, which would then give me no choice but to flat iron it. It took forever, it was a pain in the ass, and it still looked like shit. hence, pony-tail.

Until my friend Jenn shoved The Curly Girl method down my throat. She doesn’t shut up about it so I thought I would give it a try. Let me tell you… holy. shit.

So as it turns out, I have wavy hair… which now, looking back, makes way more sense. So instead of an endless cycle of expensive hair products trying to TAME my hot mess… I use LESS products that work with my hair, not against it. No heat… and no naughty chemicals.

I have to say at first I was overwhelmed, to say the least. The list of what NOT to use is a mile long… and finding the right stuff in Orange is a chore. I am far too lazy to be reading labels. I ordered some of the supplies I needed online, found some at Walmart, and one thing at Sally’s. I think it will take some trial and error to figure out what my hair actually likes, and like anything there is a transition period of your hair freaking out as it figures out it’s new ‘normal’… but I am loving the results! Now I just need a curly-girl haircut…

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