Going out of business……?

That’s what I heard the other day from someone on the street when Castle Rock was boarding up my building, getting ready for production next week. They made my studio look abandoned from the outside, but little did they know it helps me out by keeping my shooting area dark on the inside. SCORE!

This time of year I don’t shoot that often in my studio. Probably 95% of my shoots are done on location… but clients be warned, we might have to shoot around Castle Rock’s schedule for the next month! There might be a little more traffic than usual… but WHO CARES!? Our town is on tv…. so leave 5 minutes earlier than usual and enjoy our 15 minutes of fame…

p.s. Did any of ya’ll fill out the form to be an extra? I did… Here is the link:


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It’s Official! Castle Rock is in da house!

I just got off the phone with Castle Rock… they are heading to my studio to set up shop. This will be the second season that they are using my studio as a greenroom… it’s right on Main Street, has a bathroom, a kitchen, and comfy seating. So, you know what that means… Pennywise’s butt has been on my sofa. (I also still have his sunglasses, but that’s a story for another time).

When they were here for season one, my studio was the Castle Rock Bookstore. It looked pretty bad-ass, considering you could BARELY make it out while watching the actual show. But guess what? I got to keep the awning. Thankssssss Castle R ock!

I was actually an extra for season one. I was a dog-walker. I had to convince FIVE dogs, that have never met, to act like they had their shit together. I knew the dogs, they just didn’t know each other. I had my Cosmo Kramer, who would NOT leave my side for the next 14 hours. Then I had my friend’s husky that was shockingly well behaved.. then Dozer the bulldog that could give 2 shits about his potential claim to fame, then a MinPin that wanted to meet the entire cast and lastly, my neighbor’s Aussie, that acted like none of the Castle Rock rules applied to her. It was a beautiful day in August… probably in the high 80’s… and the scene was supposedly happening in the Fall. I was in jeans, boots, a wool sweater and a down vest… managing 5 dogs. Can you say SWAMPASS. The gig was supposed to be 2 hours tops… but because of all the local morons that kept interrupting, we were there 14 hours! Did any of you see me walking 5 dogs down the streets of Castle Rock? Of course you didn’t. The scene was cut from the episode. I’m not bitter, but Cosmo is. At least Rose from ‘2 1/2 Men’ said my dog was cute… that made Cos feel famous af.

I’m excited to find out what my studio will be this time around… maybe they will give it a fresh coat of paint and fix the siding? Then again, they picked Orange, MA because it’s a dump. A girl can wish…..

Stay tuned!

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Easter/Spring Sessions for 2019

It’s SPRING! My third favorite season is finally upon us! I was very excited this year to have four families join us as ‘returning clients’ from our Holiday Magic Sessions last December! (Actually, most of these kids I knew when they were in their mama’s bellies!) One of my favorite things of all time is the “loyal client”… watching kids grow and change is quite amazing! The babies I have photographed in the beginning are now legal adults. Okay, okay, I’m getting off track and it’s making me cry ugly tears.. real ugly.

I think the second blessing of the weekend was NO RAIN. And on River Rat weekend? Is this unheard of? Like, in the HISTORY of River Rat Weekends, how many were there with no rain? We need to Google this… because boy did we get lucky! Friday evening into Saturday morning it POURED… then the rain stopped and it was 70 degrees. Just like that. It was gorgeous all weekend.

Our first client was a 6 year old GQ model. He was charming and funny and did everything we told him to do. A photographer’s DREAM. We may have gone a little overboard with him… we couldn’t help it. Our second client was my ‘Grow with Me’ from last year, so I got to photograph this little fart not only in his mama’s belly, but also when he was 3 months, 6, 9 and 12 months old! He has a love/hate relationship with me. This time he would ONLY smile when a car drove by. And we were in the middle of nowhere. So that was fun. The third client of the weekend were two little blond sisters that love each other AND their photographer! They are silly and giggly and squirmy, but they take direction really well, even if that means I am slowly burning 2,000 calories in the process. Their pictures are ALWAYS on point. Last, but not least, were old friends from my kids’ preschool. Only they aren’t in preschool anymore… I watched the oldest drive away from the shoot herself and I almost started crying. She was JUST three…. where does the time gooooooooooooooo?

Now that this blog is done, I can go make these guys their galleries… I’m sure they are just as excited to see them as I am to make them.

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My Journey

What am I doing with my life? I have no idea. Where are my pants.

HA! That was my test sentence when a dear friend took the time to help me figure out this whole BLOG thing. I’m a disaster when it comes to this kinda stuff…

I am entering into my 26th year in the photography business. I can barely wrap my brain around this number. I don’t feel old enough.

I look back on the last 16 years specifically… and I don’t know how I managed. Single Mom, 2 babies under 2, day job, side hustle, and wanting to spend as much time with my kids as humanly possible. I would only take photo shoots during nap time or after bed time, and I would only edit when my kids were sleeping. I never got enough sleep, but I LOVED what I was doing, which kept me going. When my kids were a little older I was able to take shoots when my parents would watch them for a few hours. Standing in my field, helping them find grasshoppers. Before I knew it they were both in school full time. I missed having babies, but this was a blessing for my business! Somewhere along the line I blinked and now both my babies are in high school and my son will be driving alone in 2 weeks. I no longer have to pull all-nighters editing. Now I edit when my son is at sports practice and my daughter is at dance class. This allows me to be available to them when they are home. Cooking meals together, watching Criminal Minds together, laughing together. In 4 years I’ll be able to edit whenever I want because I will no longer have babies living at home.

The advice that I give new photographers just starting out: charge enough to make this business worth it for you. My time away from my children is so precious. What is it worth for you to be away from them. How much are you taking home after taxes, equipment (my camera was $3,099 and my favorite lens was $2,000 alone!) your Photoshop subscription, your web page, insurance… are you paying yourself for the hours you spend editing? What is left for you when all this is paid for? Trust me, if you are losing money you will burn out fast. And if you are profiting, your passion will continue to grow. And most important, take care of yourself.

I don’t know if I could have sustained this whole ‘self-employed’ journey of mine without the help of my parents. Whether it be ass-up in the field looking for bugs, or sitting on the sofa with me letting me cry-out my daily frustrations… they are the people that make this all worth while.

My people.

4 Responses to “My Journey”

  1. Molly Baxter

    Perfectly said Kirsten! I could not have done it without my parents either and I miss them so! I too, worked around my son’s schedule, I often did not charge enough, and looking back, I wish I had! You are a fantastic photographer, you have such a gift for using the light…. keep on clicking! Your awesome!

    • admin

      Thank you SO MUCH for your friendship over the years, as a fellow Tog. Community over competition is the best! <3<3

  2. Janice Kuebler

    What a inspirational story!
    How wonderful that you and your wonderful parents are so special to each other.
    That relationship makes for wonderful Mom’s and dads.
    How lucky your teenage children are to have a sweet Mom like you.
    You definitely are passing it forward to your children.
    Quality time is a gift.

    • admin

      Thank you! We come from a long time of amazing people. Quite blessed at how amazing my children are… smart, funny, kind… <3<3

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2014 Year in Review

Orange Massachusetts Family Photograper

8 Responses to “2014 Year in Review”

  1. Lisa Millerick

    Such beautiful work. Just love the dance photos 🙂

  2. Jessica

    Love your work!

  3. Annelise Sophiea

    Beautiful images!

  4. Brandy

    Your images are stunningly beautiful.

  5. Stephanie Rubyor

    These images really beautiful!

  6. Amber Marie Photography

    Wow! What a great year! I love those dance pictures and what a special thing to do every year!

  7. Chelsey

    What an awesome review for the year of 2014! You do amazing work! Orange, MASS is lucky to have you!

  8. Kara

    You are such a talented photographer and I will definitely be referring you to my friends in Orange!

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